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    Dive into Samsung’s best products with EOFY sales

    It's that time of year - end of financial year sales. This is your chance to snap up a bargain and upgrade your tech with Samsung's range of wearables, televisions, monitors, and smart home appliances.

    ASUS Vivobook S 15 now on sale in Australia, an Copilot+ Ultrabook for Content Creation, Productivity, and Learning

    ASUS in collaboration with Microsoft and Qualcomm has unveiled its latest device, a sleek and powerful Vivobook S 15. This cutting-edge laptop, available for pre-order now, is set to revolutionize the way we work, play, and learn with its advanced AI capabilities. Powered by the Snapdragon X Elite platform, the Vivobook S 15 boasts Windows AI features and a suite of exclusive ASUS AI apps...

    Australian Parliamentary inquiry looks to accelerate the rollout of 5G

    Yesterday the first parliamentary inquiry into 5G commenced. The inquiry saw 14 recommendations that focused on how to how to accelerate 5G rollout across...

    Tesla drops Premium Connectivity Package in Australia to A$9.99pm

    If you own a Tesla, you now have to decide if you want to subscribe to the Premium Connectivity Package. One of Tesla's biggest...

    A Tesla is the most connected car, but feels really disconnected

    Tesla's are often referred to a computer on wheels, it's hard to imagine any other car that has a better technology stack. One of...