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    Queensland Raceway to hold dedicated E-Day for Electric Cars

    Mark your calendars for 22 August, 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM because it's time for E-Day, a dedicated event for electric car enthusiasts! If you're passionate about electric vehicles (EVs) and love the thrill of the track, this is the perfect event for you. Here's everything you need to know about this electrifying day. Event Overview E-Day is exclusively designed for electric cars, bringing together a maximum...

    Two of the best games for your work travels

    Unwind, network, and chill out with card and board games for all the tech-heads out there. These games will have you laughing, strategising, and having fun with all your friends—new and old.

    WA announces $21m Electic Vehicle Strategy featuring EV charging network

    Charging availability, along with price, appear to be the two big unlocks to Electric Vehicle adoption. Thankfully much of the East Coast of Australia...

    Aussie Tritium expand their Ultra-Fast EV Charging to Japan, can be scaled to 475kW in the future

    Tritium is quickly becoming one of Australia's great Australia success stories, with a new expansion of their EV chargers into Japan. As a world...