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    DJI Power 1000 & Power 500 portable power stations now available in Aus

    DJI, the leading civilian drone manufacturer has introduced the Power 1000 & Power 500, portable power stations using LFP cells to the Australian market. Both power stations can be fully charged in just 70 minutes (if you're rushed charged to 80% in 50 minutes), fast charge DJI drone batteries and meet the power demands of common household appliances as well as be used away from...

    REVIEW: Google Pixel 8a, a great mid-tier all-rounder, worth being on your short list

    When it comes to buying a new phone, not everyone reaches for the flagships, especially given the climbing prices of the top-end phones. Google's Pixel 8a is their latest mid-tier phone that offers a lot of great features for a fraction of the price. The Pixel lineup is Google's most genuine execution of hardware to show off the Android software. Having spent a couple...

    CommBank Green Loan: Get $20,000 at just 0.99% for 10yrs to fund solar, battery packs and electric vehicle chargers

    Solar, Battery, EV charger, you choose, but it's all at a very low interest rate.

    Our solar system is now an income stream

    Last month we had 6.5kW of solar installed on our roof. After having the installation (by KDEC Electrical) checked and signed off, we then...