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    LASER launches new AmbiColour RGB ambient smart light range

    Australian consumer electronics company LASER has announced the expansion of its CONNECT SmartHome range with the launch of its new AmbiColour RGB ambient smart light range. You might be thinking these lights look kind of similar to Nanoleaf products, yup some of them do. Time will tell if these cheaper clones of Nanoleaf Hexagons etc will provide quality light output and be as reliable. LASER AmbiColour...

    Zoomo and DoorDash Launch Dedicated Rider Hub, Elevating Rider Experience for Food Delivery Couriers

    Zoomo offers electric transport options and has announced a partnership with DoorDash and the launch of Dasher Central. Dasher Central is a lounge for riders, designed to enhance the rider experience for food and convenience delivery riders and couriers who operate in Melbourne CBD. Situated within Zoomo's Melbourne store, Dasher Central provides a space for delivery riders to access facilities, charge devices, and take a...

    CommBank Green Loan: Get $20,000 at just 0.99% for 10yrs to fund solar, battery packs and electric vehicle chargers

    Solar, Battery, EV charger, you choose, but it's all at a very low interest rate.

    Our solar system is now an income stream

    Last month we had 6.5kW of solar installed on our roof. After having the installation (by KDEC Electrical) checked and signed off, we then...