Television 4, the new Freeview channel you don’t want

    Television 4, channel 64

    Normally more free TV channels is a good thing, we have recently been through an explosion of new channels, so one more is a good thing right ? Well the reason the other new channels like 7Mate, Go, GEM and One have been a welcome addition to the Freeview OTA lineup, is because the programming has been interesting.

    While no channel can keep everybody in a diverse audience happy 100% of the time, generally we can find channels that regularly program shows we enjoy. While the newest Freeview channel – Television 4, is marketed as 4me, covering categories of Shopping, Education, Finance and Lifestlye, essentially it’s a channel loaded with infomercials.

    Television 4, or digital channel 64 launched to all homes in Regional NSW, VIC, ACT and the Gold Coast. Those of you in the cities, don’t stress, your really not missing much. Coming up this afternoon is Brand Developers, Surfing Aus, Commsec Entrepeneurs, Danoz and Brand Developers again. Not exactly a stunning lineup for launch day.

    Television 4, channel 64

    Despite the channel now being live for over a week, Television 4 still doesn’t have guide data, meaning that there is no way to set DVRs to record shows.

    More info on Television 4 at Brand New Media.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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