Telstra-backed Aussie startup, QubeRider is off to space


    Australian startup, Quberider is a space education company that sends student experiments to the International Space Station. They have just become the first startup in Australia to get approval from the federal Government to fly a mission to space.

    The company springs from Sydney-based startup accelerator, Muru-D which is funded by Telstra. In the announcement, Quberider also thanks DΞLTΛ-V which is an Australia’s first Space Startup Accelerator designed to assist Australian space industry startup teams.

    Another group Obelisk Systems is one of Australia’s first space hardware startups and developed the Asimov hardware platform which will be used in the mission. This is a congregation of the right expertise, both hardware and software layers, as well as the business and Government assistance necessary to turn it into a reality. This really is an exciting success story for Australia one we’ll likely look back on in the future and point to as a pivotal moment in Australia’s space history.

    Latest this year, the startup will send their payload to the International Space Station.


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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