Telstra lays new 1.28 Terabits per second international cable


    Telstra is in the process of extending it’s dominance in Australia’s Internet infrastructure. Laying another international under-sea cable from Australia to Hawaii. The cable will feature a stunning 1.28Tb/sec transfer speed, however once divided to thousands of businesses and consumers, speeds using the link will most likely still be around ADSL 2+ speeds at best.

    Investment like this is a good thing, it also provides redundancy should anything happen to Australia’s other international links. The 9,000 km cable is said to be the largest ever built and owned by an Australian company.

    Quite an impressive, the problem most people have with Telstra (read: Bigpond) is their persistence with an outdated business model that sees users charged high prices for tiny download quotas (as little as 200Mb in some cases) as well as counting uploads.

    As more consumers move from Dial-up to ADSL, ADSL to ADSL 2+, then inevitably the faster speeds will allow them to download more. However Telstra’s monthly download limits are so restrictive, the extra speed would easily allow the quota to be used within a single day. (Whirlpool)

    More @ CrunchGear.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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