Telstra’s allowing free calls from 16,000 payphones in Australia this Christmas

    Img credit: Matthew Paul Argall
    Img credit: Matthew Paul Argall on Flickr-

    Christmas is about connecting with friends and family and to help with that challenge, Telstra are opening up their old-school pay phones to free standard national and mobile calls. We often here that saying, you don’t get nothing for nothing anymore, well this is kind of the exception to the rule, its free.. you just have to remember the phone number you want to dial.. not the easiest task in 2016.

    While most of us are lucky enough to have access to mobile phones, this is a really neat gesture for those who may find themselves separated from loved ones without a way to get in touch. Sure there’s no Snapchat, Twitter or emojis on the old payphones, but still, to those in need, a phone call to a family member or friend, may make a massive difference.

    From 12:01am Christmas Eve until 28 December our payphone network will offer free standard national and mobile calls for everyone.

    Stuart Bird, Telstra Executive Director Home and Business Products said,

    Our payphone network spans across the entire country, from capital cities to remote areas like the Gibson Desert and Thursday Island. We see an increase in calls on payphones each December, so by opening up our payphone network, we hope all Australians will be able to reach out to loved ones this holiday season.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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