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    Terra Nova Tech Medical

    The latest blockbuster television series, Terra Nova has started in Australia. If some of the scenery looks a little familiar, that’s because a lot of Terra Nova scenes were shot right here in Australia. Now on to the important stuff, future tech. Throughout the first episode we were treated to some of Spielberg’s futuristic creations.

    Terra Nova Technology HoligramTerra Nova Technology Tablets

    Apparently technology form the next century contains holographic phones, tablets, ID-cards and building-sized projections. While this technology is clearly Hollywood special effects, lots of science fiction and future looking movies of the past have formed the technology we use today.

    Terra Nova Technology PhoneTerra Nove Technology ID card

    While its too early to tell if Terra Nova’s plot is any good, the premise is solid and the technology is intriguing. One of the more interesting is a multi-touch display used for medical stats on a patient. This type of technology may be decades away or even impossible, but it sure is a great source for the inventors of tomorrow to formulate ideas.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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