Tesla Energy recently held a Sydney Installer Day for Powerwall and Wall Connector

    Tesla Energy recently held an event in Australia, their first Installer Day, where guests from Sydney got hands-on access to Powerwall & Wall Connector, with a chance to ask questions & provide feedback to the local team.

    Australia’s adoption of Tesla Energy products is growing across grid-level Megapacks, but also at the home and business level with the Powerwall.

    Tesla recently announced the 3rd generation of the Powerwall 3, however this is not yet available in Australia, as such, the photos show the event focused on the Powerwall 2. The updated 3rd generation features an easier installation and higher concurrent power output properties, but the main objective is to deliver a lower cost which should make home energy storage available to more.

    As energy prices in Australia continue to rise, more Australian homes will be looking at capturing energy from the sun during the day and storing it for use overnight, or in the event of a power outage.

    Tesla also enables Powerwall customers to join their Virtual Power Plant which allows customers to earn revenue from sharing their energy with their neighbours. a more efficient model than sending power from a traditional power station hundreds of kilometres away.

    Having more installers skilled in how to install Tesla Energy products will ultimately help speed up the installation of these devices and grow the workforce response for doing so.

    Being skilled in the installation of the Tesla Wall Connector, allows electricians to offer EV charging as a new service they can drive revenue from in their businesses as Australia’s EV adoption expands.

    Tesla invites installers to partner with them and links them to a page to join a global network of Tesla Certified Installers. Being Tesla Certified means that as customers purchase Tesla Energy products and search for people in their area to install them, certified installers will be shown, driving leads to the business –…

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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