Tesla Powerwall has dropped $5k in 4 months

    Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the most popular home battery storage options in Australia and across the world. If you’re a homeowner that has solar panels on your roof, you’ll be noticing a steady decline in the feed-in tariff or the amount that you get paid to provide power to the grid.

    It is estimated that somewhere between 1/3 and 1/4 of Australian households have solar on their roof, an amazing success that leads most of the developed world. The potential total addressable market (TAM) for home battery storage is these millions of households, many of which have already paid off their solar investments and are looking for more.

    Personally, we invested in a 6.5kW solar array back in February 2020 and now 3 years on from that, it’s proving to be one of the best financial decisions we ever made. The solar system has basically paid for itself and the panels are just 3 years into their 20 years lifespan.

    With two EVs in the garage, the next step towards a renewable energy future is to add battery storage to capture that solar energy and use our stored energy when the sun isn’t shining.

    While there are a variety of battery options to choose from, Tesla Powerwall remains a favourite given its clean design, large capacity and integration into the Tesla app, particularly useful for the growing list of homeowners with a Tesla vehicle in the garage.

    Back in December, I posted about the ridiculous price tag of Powerwall 2, when I had 2 quotes in excess of A$20,000 to get a Powerwall 2 installed. While I loved the idea, economically this just didn’t make sense, but just 4 months later, we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in the price of the storage solution.

    After seeing SolarQuotes post this week of a Powerwall price drop, I requested an updated quote from local suppliers in Albury Wodonga.

    The first to reply was KDEC Electrical which installed our solar panels and inverter. They quote us A$15,501.00 to install a Tesla Powerwall 2 package. While this is still a substantial amount of money and Electrek has some speculation on an impending LFP-based Powerwall 3, the Powerwall 2 represents better value than it has for years.

    This includes:

    • Tesla Powerwall 2 – 14kWh Battery with EPS
    • 1 x Tesla Powerwall 2 – 14kWh Batteries including;
    • EPS (Emergency Power Supply – backup on 1 phase)
    • 10 year product warranty
    • Full online monitoring and faults notification (assuming permanent internet connection).

    If we enrolled the Powerwall 2 into the Tesla Energy Plan, we’d be entitled to $1,000 for the first year, then A$220 after that. New Tesla Powerwall owners that choose the Tesla Energy Plan within 30 days of installation are eligible to earn $1,000 in Powerwall Credits (incl GST). 

    We also got a revised quote from Specialized Solar & Electrical that quoted us $16,820 installed, while more expensive, still a marked reduction from the A$20k just a few months ago.

    SolarQuotes has a full list of the Powerwall 2 pricing history in Australia.

    • February 2017 (est.): $9,000
    • February 2018: $9,600
    • October 2018: $12,350
    • July 2019: $11,700
    • October 2020: $12,500
    • February 2021: $13,300
    • May 2021: $12,750
    • March 2022: $13,700
    • May 2022: $14,650
    • October 2022: $16,230
    • February 2023: $14,599
    • April 2023: $12,900
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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