Tesla PowerWall output rising from 2kW to 5kW for free


    After the initial glow of the PowerWall announcement wore off, people began looking into the detail of the product. One issue that was raised by many was the reasonably limited 2KW of concurrent output available from the 1st generation product. This means if you had planned to be off the grid, it’d only take a hair dryer and a microwave to be on at the same time and you’d need help from the grid.

    Elon Musk has announced a change that will fix this issue. The Tesla PowerWall will now ship with 5kW of concurrent output, more than double the original plan. The change was announced during Tesla’s Annual Shareholders Meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain view.

    Whatever is being changed about the construction of the PowerWall, isn’t going to impact price. The 10kWh system will still cost US$3,500 and the 7kWh will cost US$3,000. PowerWall will launch in Australia in the first quarter of 2015.

    More information at Electrek.

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