Tesla’s Brisbane showroom basement has Model3-ready CCS Superchargers already

    Tesla Supercharger Australia CCS

    The Tesla Model 3 is coming to Australia in August and to prepare for the launch, Tesla is upgrading their Superchargers. The Model 3 uses a different charging standard known as CCS than the Model S or Model X which use the Type 2 or Mennekes connector and therefore the existing Superchargers need to be adapted.

    To enable Supercharging of Model 3, which will come with a CCS Combo 2 charge port, dual charging cables supporting both CCS Combo 2 and Type 2 charging standards will be installed at Supercharger sites across Australia.

    Statement by Tesla in Model release information.

    Luke Smith (referral link), snapped some great photos from the charging garage located underneath the Brisbane Tesla store. As we can see from the photos the upgraded Superchargers now feature a dual plug system, allowing the Tesla owner to select the appropriate one for their vehicle.

    In Australia, Tesla’s Supercharging network features more than 27 locations with hundreds of individual Superchargers, spread predominantly along the east coast. This means the job of upgrading each charger isn’t a small one, but given the expected number of Model 3s, its a worthwhile endeavour.

    There are also over 600 Destination charging locations across Australia which will likely require the use of an adapter, as they’re less likely to be updated. Destination chargers are often found at accommodation locations to make travelling away from the standard routes possible.

    Tesla also announced back in March that they’d be upgrading Superchargers (some, not all) and new Superchargers known as their V3 standard, would deliver more power, reducing the time taken to recharge. It’s not yet known how many of Australia’s Superchargers would be upgraded to V3.

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