The Bend is selling real estate, so hardcore motorsport fans can live and breath it

    Hard to miss, The Bend is massive

    Since opening earlier this year, the venue is now well established with the track now surrounded by grass, gone is the dust and dirt issues of early GT races. Before we were unleashed on the track, we had an opportunity to hear from management from The Bend who explained why the complex is referred to as a “Motorsport Theme Park”.

    Yes it features the main attraction, the long 7.7km track, but it has as many as 8 different configurations, and the one we drove today was a healthy 4.95km, but it’s the surrounding opportunities that really makes The Bend, something special.

    Nissan GTRs ready to tackle The Bend

    This facility has just received their own fleet of GoKarts which will be the most powerful in the country, ready to be unleashed on the dedicated GoKart track as soon as next month. There’s also a drifting circuit, a skid pan, a 4WD area opening in the next couple of months and a Rally track. While The Bend already features a 100-room hotel, those who find themselves falling in love, there’s now an option to buy a piece of real estate in the Trackside Display Villa.

    Those who buy real estate near The Bend can choose from something as little as a Garage to store their track toy, to a full 2-3 room dwelling so you can stay right at the venue (or make a killing on AirBnB).

    Nissan Juke Nismo at The Bend

    After seeing the venue on TV during the recent round of Supercars held at The Bend, it was easy to tell the place was a success, but after visiting it myself, it’s nothing short of amazing and an asset that Australia should be proud to have.

    If you’re anywhere near Adelaide, then make sure you check out The Bend website and check upcoming motorsport events. Do yourself a favour, take your friends and family, you won’t be disappointed. If you somehow manage to find yourself behind the wheel of car on the track, then you’ll experience what I did today, which was an amazing circuit that offers a great mix of corners, elevation changes and most of all an opportunity to test a car at its limits without fear of the boys in blue.

    The main straight

    Inside the venue itself, you’ll find a number of event rooms with an amazing view of the track. These are often used for the increasing number of commercial clients who hire the venue, like Nissan did the past 2 days.  

    Inside The Bend

    Now for a few videos.. this demonstrates the track in action and really showcases just how much fun can be had at the circuit across a few different disciplines.  


    The first is a video of Godzilla flying by at close to 250km/hr, Standing on the pit wall, it’s seriously quick and the car sounds amazing at full throttle. 

    Skidpan / Drifting

    Here’s me drifting the Nissan 370Z Nismo sideways on the skidpan at The Bend. It took a couple of attempts to nail, but this was seriously fun, judging from the applause at the end, the crowd loved it too. 

    The Bend’s skid pan features built-in sprinklers to wet the pan on-demand and a gentle slope means the tarmac remains consistently wet and tyres are saved. 


    With a big stretch of tarmac, a few cones provide an opportunity to host a gymkhana event. In our instance, the runs were timed and I managed an equal second position. 

    As the sun sets on today, I reflect on The Bend incredibly positively and am incredibly thankful to Nissan for the opportunity to get behind the wheel of 3 different Nismo vehicles to explore and enjoy The Bend. 

    If you get a chance, make sure you get there. All the details at

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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