The First Year of IE7


    I come across this post from Microsoft this morning about the success of IE7, it’s an overview of how the browser’s gone during it’s first year.

    Some of the more interesting stats are:

    – Over 300 Million people now use IE7
    – Is the most popular browser in the US and UK
    – Predicted to be most popular browser worldwide shortly.
    – Microsoft has seen a 10-20% reduction in support calls for IE7, which they believe is the result of a more stable browser with fewer issues.
    – The phishing filter in IE7 stops more than 900,000 phishing attempts per week.

    The critics will argue these numbers are due to IE7 being delivered as the deafult browser for Windows, and in Vista this is correct, however IE7 is also available to XP users which would have 2 choose to upgrade.

    None of that changes the fact more people are using IE7 and as we pass the 1 year mark since it’s release I expect IE8 is already well into the development cycle with us potentially seeing the betas of IE8 appearing within the next 6 months.

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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