The free ride is over, will you pay for JB HI-FI NOW ?

    JB Hi-FI NOW Subscription Music Service

    It’s been around a month since JB Hi-Fi launched which means the free ride is over. With the trial expiring it’s time to decide if you’re going to lay down the cash and subscribe to the service. While JB Hi-Fi has a unique web interface and some pretty great social features like mixed tape, there are some serious draw backs to their offering.

    First off JB Hi-Fi NOW does not have any mobile apps, meaning its only available via the web. The expectation of most people these days is that services have a mobile version for access while you’re out and about. The lack of a mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows Phone is a big omission.

    The catalogue of music isn’t as extensive as competitor Zune, but does that matter? Its not important that they have every track in the world, but rather the tracks you want to listen too. So how have you found the trial in terms of content?

    Personally I think I think NOW is a decent offering from JB Hi-Fi, particularly as this is the first serious web app they’ve built. When we first heard about the service, it was a little concerning based on their seriously pathetic website. Ultimately the web app is fantastic, but the lack of a mobile solution means I won’t be paying for it on-going.

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