The latest Telstra outage takes down business


    Just a day after Telstra’s CEO announced a $250 million dollar investment in the network, to help solve the problems they’ve had, Telstra’s network has suffered another major outage today. The latest problem, in what’s becoming a long list of outages this year, is possibly the worst yet. This time around, business and enterprise connections were offline, impacting their ability to transact with customers, resulting in a loss in business.

    Among the effected businesses were Jetstar Airways, MyKi, The Good Guys, Simply Energy, Medibank and many, many more. Free data won’t fix this one, this will absolutely result in financial compensation claims from affected parties.

    These outages were inconvenient when they affected consumers, but when the network faults are impacting business’ ability to conduct business, Telstra really needs to stop and hold a crisis meeting in their network division and get to the bottom of this instability once and for all.

    If the Telstra brand becomes aligned to unreliability, customers will leave and head to the competition. Other Aussie telcos haven’t been standing still and would love to take that number one spot from Telstra. Vodafone is back with vengeance from their own issues a few years back and Optus is ready and waiting in position number 2.

    While Telstra has announced that have identified the fault, the problem is still not resolved.

    This story is still developing, so we’ll continue to add to the Twitter Collection below as things evolve.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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