The new Yahoo! is terrible


    Recently we heard that Yahoo! was updating their logo. They’re currently updating their logo each day as part of the ‘30 days of change’. What they failed to mention was that they were also reworking their login/logout screens. Turns out the change in logo is the small part of the change and the giant terrible ‘get rich quick’ ad is massively terrible. Aussies heading to will get redirected to which is yet to receive the terrible ads.

    Look, I get it, giving away 1TB of free storage on Flickr doesn’t come cheap and has to be paid for, but there’s a way to do ads without be completely obnoxious and unfortunately Marissa needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

    If you haven’t been to Yahoo! in a while, first, I don’t blame you, second, the changes to sub sites like Sports, Answers and even the very successful OMG are pretty big. Perhaps one of the best of the sub sites is Weather. It looks a lot less like a website and more like an app. The tier 1 information is just the weather condition, temperature, max and min temps of the user’s location. More detailed information about the upcoming forecast is available below.


    The final changes to Yahoo! will be happen on September 5th, with the final logo being revealed.

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