The Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet to compete with Surface


    Nokia are entering the tablet game with the Lumia 2520 as expected. This will compete against Microsoft’s Surface (not Surface Pro) as it contains a great camera, what else did you expect, this is Nokia. It even runs the Pro Cam app with its fantastic live controls. The Lumia 2520 has a 6.7Megapixel with a 1.9 Aperture and Carl Zeiss optics. The front facing camera for Skype calls is a 2Mpx.

    Elop says they thinned the edges to make it light and easy to hold. The Lumia 2520 contains LTE support to enable connectivity on the go, something they say 80% of tablets can’t do, being WiFi only.

    Of course with Nokia throwing a tablet into the market, it creates an interesting dimension to the Microsoft acquisition. This will essentially go head to head with the Surface 2, not the pro version, as this won’t run desktop apps.


    There’s also a the same Storyteller app available on the new 6” Lumia’s that places photos in events combined with location information.


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