More than 10 FSD Beta-enabled cars are now in Australia, across ACT, NSW, VIC and QLD

    Back in May, I shared the news that a Tesla software build that included their FSD Beta code had reached vehicles in Australia. Today, I have an update.

    Back then when knew at least 2 had the software and fully expect these were employee or company vehicles used in ADAS testing, ahead of the local availability of Tesla’s latest and greatest software that offers more features to owners.

    Today I can confirm that the number of Tesla vehicles in Australia has grown to more than 10.

    When I first got this tip from @HallyTesla, the 3rd party update trackers TeslaFi and TeslaScope (which has since updated) were both reporting a software build as a non-beta release, however a screenshot from a Facebook group surfaced, the suggestion that V11.1 build 2023.12.11 actually did include ‘Full Self-Driving (Beta) Software v11.3.6’.

    After some work to confirm with sources, I can confirm this is indeed real and that this build is on at least 10 vehicles in Australia right now. You can see from the screenshot below that TeslaScope registers 10 vehicles in Australia as having this FSD beta build.

    Remember this does not mean this is enabled for consumers at this stage, we expect this to be more employee cars, but the growth in numbers is a promising sign for FSD Beta in Australia.

    We have varying information on these vehicles, but here’s what we know so far according to the TeslaScope:

    • Model 3 AWD LR
    • Model Y SR
    • Model 3 SR
    • Model 3 AWD LR
    • Model 3 SR
    • Model 3 Performance
    • Model 3 SR+
    • Model 3 SR

    TeslaFi provides more detail on some of these which I expect are the same cars, using both services.

    Update DateTesla ModelKMLocation
    06/13/2023 11:29 AMModel 3 standard Range Plus41,729Queensland
    06/13/2023 03:53 AMModel 3 Performance77,683Queensland
    06/12/2023 05:37 PMModel Y Standard Range Plus LFP1,519Victoria
    06/11/2023 11:37 PMModel S 85D79,492ACT
    06/08/2023 05:09 PMModel S Standard Range55,559NSW

    What’s really interesting in this data is that we’re now seeing older cars that have some big km on the odometer. This is a stark change from the earliest cars to get Beta builds that were all low kms. There’s also now a diversity of Models, include the Model 3, Model Y and Model S with the FSD Beta build in Australia.

    Having Tesla employees test the software is an important milestone ahead of a potential Australian release to Tesla customers who have purchased the FSD option.

    FSD Beta allows the car to turn corners on city streets, take roundabouts, drive on unmarked roads and do a much better job at lane selection. Many customers in the US are now experiencing intervention-free drives on regular commutes.

    Personally, I’d love the opportunity to test the FSD Beta software and while I understand it’s not perfect, it offers a serious upgrade on the non-Beta builds we have today.

    Elon Musk posted a short time ago that they will be releasing v11.4.4 in the US at the end of this week, which usually means the weekend. We’ll be watching to see if any Australian cars get upgraded to the latest build.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021


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