The Twitter Brand will soon be killed off. Time to get ready for X

    We’ve known for some time that Elon Musk had plans of transition Twitter to the X, but it looks like that’s not far away. The Twitter brand, famously denated by bird icon is not long for this world, as Musk announced this afternoon, we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and gradually all the birds.

    If Twitter the Brand is going away, that would indicate the logo and name of the service will get replaced with X, the big question I have is around domains. Of course is incredibly valuable, but it is technnically possible to transition the musk owned I expect this move will take longer and they’ll start with branding.

    Musk acquired Twitter in October 2022 was a major event in the social media landscape and the tech world more generally. Since then Musk has spoken about the desire to create ‘X’, a single app that could do everything from social media to payments but hasn’t detailed how or when the transition would occur. With today’s Tweet, it appears that we’re not far away with the transition from Twitter to X appearing closer than ever.

    Elon Musk’s Tweet has been replied to by many offering suggestions for an X logo. He responded suggesting there is now an opportunity for the community to select the logo if someone posts a good enough logo, it’ll go worldwide tomorrow.

    This sounds like the rebranding is happening tomorrow and they likely have that ready to go, but could switch out to an alternative. Hope the designers at Twitter aren’t tied to what they made.

    Thinking about this further, logos and branding for companies the size of Twitter are typically months in the making..

    There are digital assets that are fairly easy to update on the website etc, but anything physical like signs on buildings, is going to take weeks at best. There’s also the app icon and App Store approval, that’s gotta be a couple of days at least..

    This means while it’s nice to think a community-created logo could be chosen, if this is going live tomorrow there’s no way, this is already locked and loaded.

    Update 2

    Musk has replied to a question from @WholeMarsCatalog, confirming that after a few decades of sitting dormant, tomorrow, it wakes up and will be the new home of Twitter.

    “I envision X as the everything app that will allow users to do everything from communicate with friends and family to order food and pay bills.”

    Elon Musk

    In March 2023, Musk registered X Corp. in Nevada, and X.AI. This was followed by an application to merge X Holdings with X Holdings Corp. and Twitter, Inc. with X Corp. By April 2023 Musk’s legal team notified the court that it had been consolidated into X Corp.

    Musk recently handed the CEO title off to Linda Yaccarino, but then immediately got to work announcing X.AI, holding a Twitter space with the founding members and launching a website

    This adds to his growing portfolio of companies including Tesla, SpaceX, Nueralink and The Boring Company.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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