This smart pet feeder is refrigerated for those who spoil their furry friends

    If you have a favourite furry friend in your life, then you should consider this new smart home device, a refrigerated pet feeder. Happy Llama Tech has announced the release of the world’s first smart feeder, right in time for our summer.

    With the Smart Feeder, pet owners never have to worry about their cats and dogs missing a meal. This lets you enjoy life, go out and even take a road trip or holiday and know the animals will be fed.

    Often pet owners will find creative ways to keep food cool for their pets, including adding ice to their food bowls. This obviously doesn’t last long before it’s a melted mess and something this product aims to solve.

    The Smart Feeder can be controlled via your mobile phone via a free app on iOS and Android, allowing you to control the amount of food available to your pets.

    The wifi-enabled smart feeder features six compartments, so you can schedule six meals a day, two meals a day for three days, or one meal a day for up to six days. Once you get home, your cleanup is easy, just place the removable tray in the dishwasher’s top rack.

    Often when feeding animals, you’ll only use a part of the can and replace the remainder back in the fridge, in this instance, the food bowl is the fridge, allowing you to simplify the feeding process.

    Not everyone has friendly neighbours or family nearby to take care of their pets and therefore the feeding schedule can be restrictive, but thanks to technology like this, it can enable the family to go out and enjoy life, with the confidence the pets are taken care of.

    The company sells an upgrade to optional 6-pack stainless steel inserts for sensitive pets and benefits from custom silicone lids for effortless food prep and storage.

    Key features of the smart feeder

    • BPA free: Food tray and optional stainless steel inserts are food and dishwasher-safe, giving your pet the cleanest dining experience.
    • Graduated bowl edges: Thoughtfully designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, ensuring your pet can enjoy their meal with more comfort.
    • Visual alerts: Alerts inform hearing-impaired pets of meal delivery and update pet owners on device status, combining communication and convenience.
    • Adjustable legs: Ensure optimal alignment, promoting digestive health and enhancing your pet’s comfort.
    • Pawsitively Smart & Connected: The intuitive mobile app puts you in control. Set schedules, manage portions, and receive notifications, whether you’re at the office or on a mountain adventure.
    • Ultra Quiet: Preserve your peaceful sleep and moments of tranquillity

    Key specs

    • Weight: 4.5359237 kg / 10 pounds
    • Diameter: 13 inches
    • Dimensions: 6.5 inches height x 8.5 width (graduated edge)
    • Bowl opening: 5 inches
    • Bowl depth: 1 inch
    • Adjustable legs: 1.5 – 2.5 inches
    • Bowl capacity: 0.148 L / 5 fl. oz
    • Power: AC , 110-240V
    • Temperature: 3.33º-4.44º C. / 38º-40º F

    What started as a IndieGoGo crowdfunding project, The Smart Feeder is now available as a launch special price of A$626 or US$397.

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