This smart trampoline is designed to get kids outside again


    Trampolining is one of Australia’s favourite pastimes, that was until the digital age of smartphones and tablets distracted us. Springfree Trampoline featuring tgoma is the world’s first smart trampoline, smart thanks to its integration of an interactive digital gaming and fitness system.

    In the bouncy equivalent of ‘if you can’t beat em, join em’, the technology combines the trampolines patented spring-less design with an option to BYO your tablet and have your physical actions translate to on-screen results.

    Founder of tgoma (take gaming outside and make it active), Steve Holmes says studies have shown that kids are spending 60 hours a week consuming media and less than 60 minutes a week playing outside.


    “Our goal is to shift kids’ behaviour from indoor sedentary play to outdoor active play,” says Steve. “Instead of fighting technology, it’s about leveraging it to transform screen time from an isolating, sedentary activity to a healthful, engaging experience for the entire family.”

     This special edition of Springfree’s trampolines, incorporates specialised sensor technology on the trampoline mat that directly integrates with the user’s own tablet device. To get started, you download the free tgoma app from the App Store or Google Play to access an 7 games, with options including educational games, fun games and even interactive fitness workouts for adults.

     Springfree featuring tgoma is a solid attempt at mixing the digital and physical world, while offering motivation for kids to get moving, never a bad thing. The only problem will be sharing between kids, maybe you’ll need a couple so they can compete. Its hard to say I ever thought of making a smart trampoline, but we shouldn’t be surprised with every aspect of our lives being digitized.


    The smart trampoline, Springfree featuring tgoma is currently available for pre-order and will be available in Australia in October. For more information, head to


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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