Twitter announces #Stickers that work like visual hashtags


    Twitter has just announced a new feature, Stickers. Stickers allow you to get creative by augmenting a photo with their in-built photo-editing tool that allows you to choose from hundreds of accessories, emojis, and props. When you upload a photo with a Sticker to Twitter, the information about your sticker is preserved, allowing any public Tweet containing a sticker to be searchable and discoverable, creating a new visual spin on the hashtag.

    Tapping on a sticker brings up a new timeline of Tweets from people around the world using that same sticker. Like hashtags on Twitter, #Stickers make it easy for people to explore a topic they’re interested in, and join in on the public, global conversation.

    Twitter’s CMO, Leslie Berland said,

    Millions of Tweets with photos are sent every day on Twitter, capturing the moments that the world is talking about.

    #Stickers give people a fun way to add their own unique style to their photos, and connect them with others around the world. By making stickers searchable like hashtags, we’re enabling the best of Twitter: making it easy for people to create conversations around events and experiences that are happening right now.


    The feature is rolling out over the coming weeks on Twitter for iOS and Android. #Stickers will be viewable across and in syndication. We asked Twitter if there’ll be paid Stickers and in reply they said the following,

    At launch, #Stickers will be available to all Twitter users at no cost. Twitter has provided some on background information on plans for monetisation, but at this stage all #Stickers content is free to all users.

    When editing a photo, a library of stickers will be available across several categories, including Accessories, Animals, Food, Technology and Flags, among others. The Featured category will highlight Live Stickers tied to world events, holidays or other themes, making it easy for people to join in on timely conversations. #Stickers can be resized, rotated and placed anywhere on a photo. A timeline of Tweets using a specific sticker is easily accessible by tapping on that sticker within any photo on Twitter.

    How do you add stickers to a photo?

    1. While editing a photo (taken in app or uploaded from Camera Roll), tap smiley icon to add sticker
    2. Browse stickers to find the one you want to add
    3. Click the one you want and place it on your photo. You can add multiple stickers
    4. On your timeline, an indicator will show when a clickable sticker has been placed. Clicking the sticker will take you to that sticker’s timeline page, where you can see how the community used that same sticker in different ways.

    Will you be able to add stickers to videos or GIFs as well as photos?

    Stickers can only be added to photos.

    You’re monetizing emojis. Are you planning to do the same for stickers?

    There’s a natural way for brands to take advantage of Stickers; we’ll have more to share on this in the future.


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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