Ubuntu Edge smashed crowdsource record, still may not be funded


    Ubuntu Edge has just smashed the record for crowd funding projects. The 4.5” Ubuntu smartphone may have just left the Pebble Watch in the dust with a staggering $10,329,516 pledged so far. The only problem is that this is just 1/3 of the overall financing needed to get the project made. There’s just 6 days left of the Indiegogo project in which to raise a goal of 32 Million dollars. While there is typically a big run at the end of crowd funded projects, that often only occurs when backers believe the thing will actually get made.

    It’s going to take a few more than the 6x $10,000 One of a kind contributions to get this one over the line and have it in consumers hands by the estimated April 2014 date.

    Jane Silber, Canonical’s CEO said: “When we started this campaign three weeks ago, we hoped it would resonate with our community. So, to break the world record for a crowdfunding campaign is absolutely mind-blowing. We felt that innovation had substantially slowed down in the mobile industry, so wanted to address this. We’re still astonished by the generosity of our community and will continue to do all we can to make the Ubuntu Edge a reality.”

    More info @ Indiegogo

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