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    One of the largest telcos in the US, Verizon have a great video that has big local impacts in our NBN debate. The Bandwidth Effect, Episode 1: “The Last Mile” explains what’s wrong with the existing copper network and how running fibre optic cable to you home is critical for the internet of the future. They should know, Verizon has connected more than 18 million homes in the last 10 years. It took 10,000 trucks, about 100 million man hours and more than 20 Billion dollars.

    Like Australia, America was lagging behind in international broadband speeds, with Japan, Korea, Finland and Sweden leading the way. Verizon Director Andy Whitt says the evolution of technology and high-speed internet demand we have today, just can’t be handled by copper.

    There’s few videos that explain the complex issue so clearly, this is one to show your parents (or Malcolm Turnbull).


    You can watch the first episode of the ‘Bandwidth Effect’ below.

    The Coalition likes to say the technology isn’t important, it’s the activities that the internet enables that’s the relevant part. Well it turns out Bandwidth Effect, Episode 2 focuses on what it really could mean to live in the future with a seriously connected world.

    Verizon estimates that instead of 7 devices in your home, you may have as many as 50 connected devices using the internet. If the internet of things becomes a reality (we have no reason to believe it won’t) then FTTP really is the only option that makes sense.

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