Vidblaster 1.22 has lots of goodies


    Vidblaster is the free software-based live video streaming solution created by Mike Versteeg in the Netherlands. The product continues to improve in every release and has done a great job at listening to the community. The latest update to Vidblaster is version 1.22 and comes with plenty of goodies..


    * A new camera module called Camera (II) has been added (see Help for features and limitations)
    * An advanced deinterlacer is now available through Camera (II)
    * Smooth resampling is now available in Camera (II)
    * Added video frame rate 29.97 to Camera (I) module
    * Added Advanced Settings for Video Effect module’s chroma keyer (Pro+ editions only)
    * Added cropping feature to Video Effect module’s PiP, Fixed Aspect Ratio
    * Added setting of (different) video resolution to Camera (I) (Broadcast edition only)
    * Added UTF-8 unicode support to TCP Server
    * Added support for secure IP cameras to Camera (I)
    * Improved Video Effect module’s PiP effects
    * Improved Video Effect module’s PiP cropping
    * Improved Video Switcher: only delete key on numeric keypad is intercepted
    * Fixed bug in Monitor module: changing display resolution does not effect secondary monitor
    * Fixed bug in Video Output module: source properly displayed at startup
    * Fixed bug in Player module: video frame properly updated after changing aspect ratio
    * Fixed bug in Video Effect module: mouse cursor only changes shape in PiP modes
    * Fixed bugs in Camera (I) module (downgraded to earlier version)
    * Fixed bug: saving profile to non-existing folder defaults properly
    * Fixed bug in loading profiles from different nationality
    * Fixed bug in Video Overlay module’s text positioning
    * Fixed bug in Translator: closing window hides it properly
    * Fixed bug in Recorder’s Save function
    * Fixed bug in removal of active scoreboard
    * Fixed bug in module count of modules remove warnings
    * Fixed several other (small) bugs.

    If you’ve never used Vidblaster before, its important to note that you’ll need a very fast machine, due to the fact its software-based, it hammers the CPU really hard. Those upcoming Intel Sandy bridge chips look very inviting indeed and would mean you could stream up to 1080p, assuming your internet speed is up to it. Good thing we have that NBN..


    More @ Vidblaster

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