WD Thunderbolt 2 VelociRaptors together for 10k RPM


    Western Digital have been strapping two drives in an external case for years, but never like this. The fastest WD My Book ever features 2 10,000 RPM Hard drives arranged in a system that offers RAID 0 for performance or RAID 1 for protection. There’s no point in having fast drives if you’re limited by the connectivity.

    The MyBook VelociRaptor Duo can transfer 500 photos in 30 seconds, 2,000 MP3 files in less than 10 seconds or a full length Blu-Ray movie in just over a minute. These speeds are achieved thanks to the bi-directional thunderbolt connection that allows speeds of up to 10 Gb/s. The great thing is you can daisy chain thunderbolt devices thanks the second thunderbolt port.

    While Thunderbolt is making its way to premium PC motherboards, the drive is designed for Apple computers. The 2 x 1TB drives are formatted as Mac OS X HFS+ journaled. The drive is compatible with and would make a great Time Machine backup drive. The drive also provides a JBOD (just a bunch of disks) option for users running a Windows on a Mac.

    Pricing and Availability
    Don’t forget these 1TB 10K RPM Raptors don’t come cheap, so adding two of them, an external case and thunderbolt connections send this price tag sky high – RRP: $1249

    The MyBook VelociRaptor Duo is available now from Synnex Australia / Express Online. For more information, check out


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