Webcams begin to increase quality.. long overdue


    Webcams are well known for their low quality, bad handling of low-light, average sound – the list continues. As the novelty of being able to see your loved ones through the computer screen, consumers are beginning to inevitably look for a better experience.

    For a long time now the standard webcam has been 2 megapixel in res, while digital cameras have progressed through 5,6,7 and now 8 and beyond. Yet webcam development has remained stagnated.

    You know that scene in a movie that seemed so unobtainable, so far away, well it’s coming..

    No longer are we after a 320×240 window of video, consumers are after an entire full screen web-conference like experience.

    I’m glad to see companies like HP releasing a new and improved models in attempt to rectify this situation.

    Their Elite new 3 megapixel webcam with a unique design and still has some way to go before being a great camera (note: only 5fps @ 1600×1200), but it’s definitely a good step in the right direction.

    The nifty design also shows webcams don’t have to be plain and boring, but can feature life and attitude, being a desk feature, rather than something you want to hide away.

    More @ Engadget

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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