Windows Live Hotmail via POP3 on the iPhone !!!

       Hotmail on the iPhone Hotmail on the iPhoneHotmail on the iPhoneHotmail on the iPhone

    Since launch day I’ve wanted this.. Windows Live Hotmail on the iPhone. While you could add your gmail, yahoo, exchange, mobile me and other POP3 email accounts.. iPhone users couldn’t view hotmail on the iPhone.

    Of course there was the very poor web experience through mobile Safari, but what thousands of hotmail and iPhone users wanted was integration with the iPhone Mail App. Well finall we have it !

    Windows Live Hotmail previously required a pro account to get POP email. Well those crazy folks at Redmond are turning this on around the globe right now. So if it doesn’t work immediately, try again the following day.

    To setup Hotmail on the iPhone, simply go to Settings > Mail > Add Account, select Other, then just enter in your email and password, hit save and your done! You may see a message about this being restricted to Hotmail Plus users, but ignore that.. it works!

    I now have all 5 of my mail accounts on the iPhone. The reason this is such a big deal is that I’m a Windows Live user, I have used Hotmail since 2001 and it’s my secondary email address (my primary being

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    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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