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Below are some notes from the Tech.Ed session on Windows Mobile. Some very interesting information was revealed.

  • PC growth 3.9%
  • Mobile 5.8%
  • Mobile PCs 18.6%
  • Converged devices (smart phones) 34.1%

Windows Phones made by 50 device makers.

Microsoft remain focused on the Windows Mobile platform and not building a dedicated Microsoft Phone.

Application developers now receive more share of the development. Since the introduction of the App Store, developers now get a better deal. Previously around 20%.

Windows Mobile 6.5

  • UX Upgrade with great new touch capabilities
  • Improved browsing with Internet Explorer
  • Widgets
  • Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Windows Marketplace for Mobile

  • Phase 1 – Eliminate distribution barriers (On-device client, Attractive Economics, Global reach).
  • Phase 2 – Eliminating purchase barriers (Purchase choice, Purchase convenience, Purchase confidence)
  • Will have application trials. Return within 24hrs. Aiming for higher priced apps.
  • Ability to buy apps from PC, Phone or Web. (Web will work basically the same as Xbox online).
  • No in-app purchases available.. yet.
  • Your app cannot contain the marketplace.
  • Expectation is that Games will be the most popular category.
  • Will contain screen shots, Review, version number. Very similar to iPhone App Store.
  • By the end of the year Windows Marketplace for Mobile will support all 6.x devices.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile items.

  • Showcase
  • Most popular
  • Operator store
  • What’s new
  • Categories
  • My applications

Transparent processes & policies

All declined apps will be fully explained. Available from


For the cost of becoming a developer, $119 (which gives you the ability to publish in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile). allows you to publish 5 applications. The problem is, that every region counts as an app. Furthermore, any additional apps will cost you $99. This pricing structure is ridiculous, there was a collective gasp from attendees as this was confirmed. In comparison, the competition – the iPhone development platform, allows developers to publish with worldwide distribution for around $130.

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