With Google Glass you’ll never be without your cat facts

    I can see clearly now

    Google just released the developer documentation associated with Glass, in that documentation were some funny examples. We already knew Google engineers are a little creative or bored or both, either way, their quirkiness is in full stride.

    One of the API Usage Stories that Google provides is an app that delivers Cat Facts to the Glass timeline. The Cat Facts sample Glassware delivers facts about cats to users, every hour, on the hour, the example service delivers a new Cat Fact to each of your users’ Glass. Amazing!

    There’s even some fancy diagrams that leverage additional technologies to extend the service, one such example is location to detect other pet stores around your immediate area. It’s a fun and bizarre example all at the same time, but fun aside, it actually does delivery on it’s purpose and invoke creative ideas and uses for Glass.

    Since the Google Glass announcement, a lot of people question if the use cases expressed in the official videos is something that is interesting to them. The Glass developer documentation definitely opens your mind to incredible potential uses that most haven’t even considered.

    Like any platform, it has the potential to explode, now they just need developer support.


    More info about Cat Facts on Google Glass at

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