Xbox Game Preview will allow you to buy in-dvelopment games


    The Xbox Game Preview will allow gamers to get involved in games before they’re finished. This new program allows gamers to try games in a preview for free, but developers will hope to recruit investors and early adopters to help fund and develop the product.

    Starting with The Long Dark and Elite Dangerous later today, the program will also include the long awaited DAYZ.

    It’s a concept that will be foreign to most, but is reasonably common in the PC world. Project CARS is a great example and although that specific title had issues, those who backed it early, felt like they were part of the project.

    You won’t be buying shares in the company and make profits from it’s success, but you will get preview builds, so if you like bugs, or just testing pre-release software, this program is definitely worth a look.

    There’s no word on how much you’ll pay, but just remember GT6 Prologue.. that was a fun experiment.


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