Xpreshon is the first Aussie developed worldwide Xbox app


    Xpreshon is a brand new Action Sports Entertainment service built right here in Australia. From daily breaking news, live events, in-depth athlete profiles and the best Action Sports movies on demand, Xpreshon offers daily updates for all Action Sports lifestyle and culture. Xpreshon have chosen available exclusively on the Windows 8 and Xbox Live platforms.

    Managing Director, Jason Webb says they have drawn upon on their passion for surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross and built an action sports news. The entertainment portal also delivers up to date information to passionate sporting fans. The idea has been in for about 18 months now. 


    Engaging the services of Object Consulting, they developed an Xbox 360 app, something that’s notoriously difficult to do as it requires stringent Microsoft application and approval process. Essentially they had to pitch Microsoft on the app and they agreed it met the quality requirements. The Xbox app allows users of Xpreshon to watch the video and entertainment service on the big screen.

    The service offers a decent selection under the free version, but to watch the licensed video content it will cost you A$6.99 to rent or A$9.99 per month. There is some video content available in all regions, but most is licensed for just Asia Pacific region with negotiations around the globe, but the app will be the first Australian developed Xbox 360 app that is available around the globe.



    The developers say there is a degree of portability with Windows 8 and Xbox 360, and with Xbox One it will be much better. A fair bit of code came over, a lot of the user interface design, assets and graphics and so on. Importantly Windows 8 and Xbox use the same media player framework, which means that the videos that play in Windows 8 automatically play in Xbox and that made things a lot easier for us.

    It does, it uses just about all of Microsoft Azure at the back end. It uses the part of the application that handles things like membership and subscriptions and payments. The streaming of the video on demand content is also driven by Azure Media Services. All of the video content is stored on Azure for streaming from the Azure platform. So it could not be any more Microsoft at the back end.

    Xpreshon aims to expand across to another Windows platform, Windows Phone 8, with an app in 2014. The Xpreshon app is now available for free.


    For more information, check out Xpreshon.

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