XRS-660 is GME’s toughest, most advanced handheld UHF CB Radio yet

    The Australian Made IP67 and MIL-STD810G rated GME XRS-660 offers a number of new features, demonstrating GME’s ongoing commitment to the development of new technology for UHF CB Radio users.

    That’s right I said Australian Made, that’s not a typo. GME is Australian owned and well respected by 4WD and off-road enthusiasts as a manufacturer of quality CB radios and Emergency Beacons.

    The XRS-660 is the first handheld UHF CB radio to feature a colour TFT LCD screen, providing the ultimate Handheld radio display for all environmental conditions – even in full sunlight.

    Bluetooth audio connectivity allows the XRS-660 to wirelessly connect to an extensive range of third-party audio accessories, providing users with new and improved ways to stay connected.

    Built-in GPS functionality ensures the XRS-660 can provide true location awareness without relying on a smartphone to provide GPS location data.

    XRS Location Services allows the radio to broadcast its GPS location at the end of a normal voice transmission.

    The XRS-660 has a built-in GPS module to determine your current location. This feature can be used together with the XRS Connect app to see the location of other XRS Location Services users on your map.

    This capability is particularly useful in commercial applications where location tracking of users in remote areas may be required for workplace safety.

    The XRS-660 Handheld UHF CB Radio from GME has a recommended retail price of $549. A full stockist list is available at the GME website.



    • 5 Watt UHF CB Handheld Radio (XRS-660)
    • 2550 mAh Li-ion Battery Pack (BP030)
    • Desktop Charger (BCD026)
    • AC Adaptor (PS005)
    • Removable Flexible Antenna (AE4028)
    • Belt Clip (MB059)


    • Transmit (TX)
    • 5W/1W/100mW RF Power: Selectable transmitter power allows you to conserve the battery when transmitting in close range by using the Low (1W) or Ultra-Low (100mW) Power setting.
    • Individually Programmable Duplex Function: User selectable for only those individual channels in your area that have repeaters, leaving the others free for use as extra simplex channels.
    • Voice activated PTT (VOX): The VOX feature allows you to have handsfree conversations by detecting your voice and causing the radio to transmit without the need to press PTT.
    • Receive (RX)
    • CB Channels: 80 channels 477 MHz UHF CB
    • User Programmable Receive Channels: 8 zones of 50 channels per zone for a total of 400 additional receive-only channels.
    • Digital Signal-Strength Meter: Provides a numeric signal strength indication in numbers from 0 to 9+.
    • Advanced Power Saving Feature: Allows the XRS Connect Radio to ‘sleep’ during periods of inactivity to conserve battery power.
    • Scanning and Memory Functions
    • Microprocessor Controlled Frequency Synthesiser: Allows user programmable control of scanning, channel memories and selected feature options.
    • Programmable Scan Function: Scans the selected UHF CB and programmable receive channels with Open, Priority and Network scan
    functions available.
    • Priority Channels: Two separate Priority Channels allow any channels of your choice to be instantly recalled at the press of one of the Priority keys.
    • Dual Watch: Scans two channels, working and Priority.
    • Triple Watch: Scans three channels, working and both Priority

    Signal Processing
    • Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Measures, filters and compresses standard analogue audio signals and converts them into digital format. Allows advanced RF and audio processing techniques to be applied to maximise the radio’s performance.
    • Advanced Signal Management (ASM): Identifies interference caused by strong local signals on adjacent channels and prevents these from opening your Squelch. ASM also minimises distortion on reception by fine tuning the receiver frequency to match that of the incoming signal.
    • Dynamic Volume Control (DVC): Automatically compensates for variations in received audio level to provide a constant audio output level to the speaker.
    • Advanced Noise Reduction: Reduces background noise and hiss in transmit and receive audio to improve audio quality and make speech clearer.
    • Audio Graphic Equaliser: Four band graphic equalizer to customise the
    received audio.

    Privacy Functions
    • Voice Inversion Scrambler: When activated, scrambles your voice so that communications are only intelligible to others using the same scrambler technology.
    • In-built CTCSS and DCS: User selectable Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System and Digital Coded Squelch system provides silent operation on individual channels.
    • In-Built SelCall with Quiet Mode: Provides selective calling of individuals or groups with fully user-adjustable 5-tone transmitted SelCall Ident. Also allows alphanumeric naming of up to 20 Idents for easier caller identification.

    Physical Properties
    • Water & Dust Proof IP67: Provides protection against dust and
    temporary immersion in water.
    • Removable Antenna: High performance flexible antenna included.
    • Rugged Construction: With die-cast chassis.
    • Battery Pack: Heavy duty 7.4V 2550 mAh Li-ion.

    Location Awareness and Connectivity
    • In-built GPS Receiver: Location awareness and location sharing with XRS Location Services.
    • Bluetooth audio: Connect Bluetooth audio accessories.
    • Bluetooth app connectivity: Use the XRS Connect app to program and update your radio, and use XRS Location Services.
    • User Controls and Interface
    • High Contrast Transflective Colour Liquid Crystal Display: Fully detailed colour LCD display is readable under all lighting conditions.
    • LED Backlight: For night viewing with automatic time-out.
    • Loud, Clear Audio: 2 Watt front facing speaker.

    Neerav Bhatt
    Neerav Bhatt
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