Yonomi adds support for Amazon’s Alexa


    Yonomi is on a roll right now. After recently adding support for LIFX, they’ve now added support for Amazon’s Echo. While Echo may not be available directly in Australia, many Aussie’s have imported them and those US-based readers will certainly be able to take advantage of this one.

    The always-listening, voice-controlled Echo is a break-out success for Amazon and having the ability to interface with your home appliances and connected devices is a dream we can all get on-board with. You can now ask Alexa to run your Yonomi Routines and control any of your other devices. While each smart device has their own app, the massive benefit here is that Yonomi can be the bridge, the infrastructure to easily connect them together and make them work together.

    Have Alexa run your routines:
    There’s no need to pull out your phone out of your pocket, just say: “Alexa, turn on [Routine Name]”. With this flexibility, you can really get creative to make your connection devices work for you. “Alexa, turn on The Movies” could dim the lights, turn up the SONOS and turn on the WeMo Switch on the Popcorn machine.

    You could also have the Logitech Harmony Hub starts your Movie on the big screen and adjust the Nest thermostat to make the room a bit more cozy.

    “Alexa, turn on Bedtime” could fade out the Philips Hue lights in the kids’ room, start playing a nighttime playlist on a Sonos speaker and use WeMo Insight night light.


    “Alexa, turn on my Morning Motivation” could adjust the temperature using Nest, start brewing coffee with a WeMo, get the Sonos to announce the weather and then start the day with your favourite morning playlist or podcast.

    This is seriously powerful technology that isn’t otherwise east for everyday people to implement. Thanks to phone integration, you can bounce off your location, the date and time and just practical things like turning down the TV audio when a phone call comes in, return it to normal volume when the call ends.

    As someone who doesn’t yet have an Echo, this makes me want it even more. Avoiding the phone unlock and app launch times and being able to fire voice commands anywhere in earshot of the Echo is seriously awesome.

    If you’re into IoT and connected devices, do yourself a favour, grab the Yonomi app. More information at Yonomi.



    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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