You’ll want to watch the gorgeous new 17min Battlefield 4 trailer to the end [Sponsored]


    EA have just released a brand new 17 minute video which is more short film than trailer. The "Fishing in Baku" video is shot entirely of in-game footage and is the first glimpse of the dramatic single player campaign in Battlefield 4.

    This time round Battlefield 4 contains dynamic destructible environments, epic vehicular combat, and the feeling of chaos experienced in all-out war. The visuals in the video are simply stunning as you can see by the screenshot above.

    So grab a can of Red Bull and strap yourself in for a visual and auditory experience and don’t forget to set that video quality to 1080p. The worst part about a great trailer is the agonising wait for the release date which in this case is US Spring 2013 –

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