3D Printing, the mess free way to carve your Halloween Pumpkin


    It’s Halloween time and the traditionally US event has definitely arrived internationally. Carved pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween and like an idiot, you probably got your hands all messy with pumpkin junk. The kids over at Daewootech have much better approach, just 3D print your pumpkin design.

    For those playing at home, the 3D Printer used is a Printrbot LV v2 and the software is repetier V0.90C. The 3D model is available from Thingiverse. Also the video was shot handheld on a Sony A57 with a 16GB Eye-Fi Pro x2 and a 18-135mm lens.

    The overall result makes for a lot cleaner Halloween and also allows for much more creativity. Given the time and cost involved in 3D printing, you may want to print mini pumpkins to get your design right, before printing the big one.

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