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    Albury is getting the first V4 Tesla Superchargers in Australia

    Tesla has been rolling our V4 Superchargers internationally, but today we learn that Albury, NSW will be the first location in Australia to get access to the faster, newest generation chargers. Credit to @SPadival and Jules Boag for discovering their location, on the first floor carpark of the Commercial Club, 618 Dean St, Albury. The site is said to have at least 9 Superchargers, but...

    Bow Charging wants to connect Sydney EV drivers without home chargers to nearby homeowners with solar, offstreet parking & home EV charger

    Australian clean energy tech start-up Bow Charging is searching for Sydney beta testers for it's online service that connects electric car drivers with no home charging (like me!) to nearby rooftop solar homes for a cheap and clean charge. Charging hosts are required to have rooftop solar, accessible parking and ideally they are located in convenient locations near business hubs, commuter parking or other day...

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