Kia commits to release 7 electric cars in 7 years

    The transition to electric vehicles is most definitely on, with another major auto brand, Kia, announcing they’re planning on delivering 7 EVs to the market by 2027.

    Earlier this month, Kia released a new logo to represent their new direction, sound familiar?

    Right now, Kia has 10 different vehicles on sale in Australia, so to imagine that as many of 7 of them will become EVs in the next 7 years, shows how serious they are about transitioning their products. Naturally this will be heavily loaded to the tail years of that time frame, rather than exactly 1 per year like the average suggests.

    It is worth noting that company’s EV offers today include the Kia Soul EV and the Kia Nira EV, both of which are currently not sold in Australia, but does look like it’d be great competition for the Hyundai Kona.

    While Kia does have an existing electric vehicles in market, its clear that the investment require to achieve this transition is enormous, measured in the billions of dollars. Not all companies will make it through to the other side, but given how far Kia have come in the past decade, I really hope they can.

    Kia is a South Korean automaker has done amazingly well with their performance sedan, the Stinger, capturing the hearts of some Commodore and Falcon fans as they reach end of life.

    While its too early to know what the new electric vehicles will be called, we do know the types of Electric Vehicles Kia are working on.

    • Powerful and dynamic crossover
    • A fun and practical commuter
    • Strong and bold SUV
    • Agile and dynamic machine
    • Long and elegant sedan

    It seems Kia aren’t just going after passenger cars, announcing they’re working on a range of vehicles known as Purpose Built Vehicles (PBV). Kia lists the vehicle types they’re aiming to produce as the following:

    • Micro autonomous pod
    • Small individual transporter
    • Mid sized commuter
    • Large logistic companion

    You can watch the Kia Brand Showcase below, where the company talks about transitioning the company.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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