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Zoomo is a Sydney-based company that builds eBikes for the Australian, UK and US markets. The latest eBike from them is the Zoomo Sport, an exciting new product that priorities utility and serviceability.

The bike offers a unique design and is available for both outright purchase and on a very affordable subscription model. This should really help the adoption of electric bikes, with a far lower cost of entry for those interested in electric mobility, but not willing to take a gamble on a big up front price.

Like some electric cars, the bike features a built-in sim card for connectivity. This connection is used to ensure your bike is safe, providing the security of GPS tracking data, in the event your bike is ever stolen.

When it comes to features, there’s a long list and a lot to like. As far as performance, the Zoomo Sport is incredibly capable with a top speed of 25km/hr and a very healthy range of up to 80km.

As it stands, Australia’s transport sector produces 100 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year, which accounts for 19% of Australia’s entire emissions rate. Consumers recognise the need for cleaner alternatives, and the rise of e-bikes seeks to reduce this impact, spurred by a predicted 50 percent growth in sales this year alone.



Curves in all the right places

The design of the Zoomo Sport is fairly unique with a step-through design that maintains a section of the straight crossbar, as a gesture to let males know this is for both genders. The idea here is that this bike will commonly be used as a bike by couriers, the Uber Eats and Deliveroos of the world, which makes it ideal for someone repeatedly getting on and off the bike.

The rear of the bike features a rear rack, capable of carrying up to 40kg, which is close to double most others. What’s great about this section of the bike is that it open the door to a slew of accessories. Everything from babseats to baskets, the integration into the bike’s frame makes it incredibly capable, speaking to the utility focus for the bike.

If you are a delivery rider, chances are you’ll want your phone handy to help route you to the right location. Zoomo include a phone mount on the bike with a great twist knob that makes getting your phone in and out of the cradle, super simple. Having a phone mount on an eBike is great, but Zoomo go the next step further and allow you to charge your phone from the bike’s battery. Relatively to the size and energy in the battery the draw from your phone is unlikely to have a significant impact on range.

When you look at the front of the bike, you’ll find an array of cables running down the front of the bike. These connect the display, the headlight, gear selection and brakes. When I first seen the bike I thought these look messy and was confused by why they weren’t resolved better, either ran through the internal tubing of the frame, or at least cable tied to the chassis. After inquiring, I was informed that this was done on purpose, to enable fast and easy serviceability, again an example of the priorities applied in the design of this bike.

The tyres are from Kendra Kwick Drumlin (K1216) which are E-50 rated, meaning they’re capable of up to 50km/hr. The wheels provide great traction and while riding and cornering at speed, provide great confidence to the rider. The

You can also ride the Zoomo Sport in all weather conditions, with the wheel arches extending further down than normal, to really avoid any splashback when riding in the wet.

When it comes to riding, you’ll turn on the bike by following the steps below.

  1. Hold the power button on the battery for three seconds, until the light turns blue or green
  2. Turn on the controller by long-pressing the button underneath (see next page) – the display
    should then light up with a 30 second timer
  3. Use the orange FOB provided to unlock your bike by tapping it on the RFID reader next to the


How does it perform ?

The range of any bike is a combination of the capacity of the battery, the efficiency of the electric motor and the total weight of the bike + rider + payload. The Zoomo Sport is capable of up to 80km on a single charge. If you’re a casual user, its likely you’ll be able to charge once or twice a week. Even if you’ve got commercial ambitions for the bike, you’ll be unlikely to ride for 8 hours a day.

When you do need a charge, you’ll plug in the provided charger to the side of the battery and in 4 hours, you’ll be good for another 80km of riding.

The bike is powered by a 250w motor on the rear wheel, which features 80Nm of torque. What this means for you as a rider is that acceleration is swift at low speeds, making it easy to get you off the line fast, great if you’re among traffic in metro environments. If you’re tackling hills the bike also works exceptionally well, making that task a breeze.

The removable battery comes in two sizes, 468Wh which offers 60km of range, or the larger 628Wh that provides the top 80km range. Given the minor cost difference between the two, I’d be surprised if most don’t go for the larger option.

As you ride the Zoomo Sport, you’ll find the learning curve is fairly quick, with a simply recipe of matching the gear selection (9 available) for the rate of speed you need, combined with the level of assistance you need. There’s 5 levels of assistance, with the top being almost too fast at slow speed, thankfully adjusting it is easy as pressing the up/down control on the left handle.


Stand out features of this eBike.

The Zoomo Sport eBike offers a long list of great features that should help you decide between this bike and others on the market. There are some really unique features on offer here and depending on your needs for an eBike, this may indeed best suit your needs.

Large payload
One of the most functional feature is the integrated rear rack that provides a massive carrying capacity of up to 40kg. This is as much as double the industry standard, which should attract those working in the commercial delivery industry. If you’re considering the bike for personal use, you can be assured that strapping on a backpack will be no problem.

The bike comes with a removable strap which helps secure your load to the rear rack and after using it for a few trips, it actually works really well. This uses a clip system that could easily see alternative covers like nets or even weatherproof covers. The top plate is easily removed with 4 screws and that will undoubtedly unlock a slew of 3rd party accessories. I could definitely see a closed case that houses laptops, or space for a jacket. Other alternatives like a shopping basket would be helpful for stowing groceries and a babyseat attachment is obvious.

Security build-in
The bike features integrated smart security technology which Zoomo has included to prevent theft and makes the Sport virtually unstealable. There’s an integrated motor lock, RFID key activation, and GPS tracking. This means to unlock the bike, you’d have to have your security token stolen, which if worn around your neck, seems unlikely. As more bikes get out to the market and the word spreads, criminals will understand that stealing the bike is useless as they will be unable to ride it and therefore sell it without the RFID key. In the event it is stolen, a GPS location is able to be tracked thanks to an embedded sim card which we’re told works across mobile networks and is included in the price.

Imagine your speeding through the city and a car opens their door into the bike lane. You need to stop immediately and as you grab both handles to engage the brakes, you’ll find the dual hydraulic disc brakes provide amazing stopping power, no matter the weather or the terrain.

Premium build
The bike feels premium, with a matte black finish (also available in white), all the framework is connected by very tight, uniform welds. When you ride the Zoomo Sport, the frame feels strong and capable, and everything from the seat, to the aluminium front suspension, puncture-resistant are all robust for use years into the future.

5 levels of Pedal Assist
When you’re riding, you’ll have a choice of 9 gears and 5 level pedal assist. While that sounds like a complex combination, it really does feel pretty natural after just a few minutes of riding. Once you’ve moved up and down the power assist modes, sped up, slowed down, shifted through the gears, there’s something in your brain that clicks and it makes sense. I found that I could leave pedal assist largely alone during a ride, just shift down gears prior to slowing down, then the electric motor will really assist you to accelerate out of a corner or intersection.

OTA Updates
As good as this bike is today, it will get better over time. I’m used to this concept from my Tesla Model 3, but to have the same opportunity with your eBike, really helps to give confidence the bike will be ready for the challenges of tomorrow. With a connected bike, there are lots of options to add new features and while Zoomo offer GPS tracking and Zoomo Recovery today, they are committing to offer crash detection, remote locking and many more features in the future.

During an interview with Mina Nada, the Zoomo CEO, I was able to confirm a mobile app is on the way.


Not everything’s perfect

By far, this bike does what is advertised and will certainly appeal to many. One gripe I have with the bike is the small tolerance between the guards and the tyre. Given the utility on offer here, users are likely to put them through some torture as they get about delivering food or goods and all-weather use will certainly be part of that torture.

It really wouldn’t take much to accumulate mud on the guard or tread for there to be a collision and cause you to stop and have to clean the tyre. It’s also possible that sticks or stones from riding on a variety of surfaces could be a problem with such a low tolerance.

I understand finding this right balance is difficult, with every mm you raise it, enabling more water to potentially splash the rider. I guess I’d like some adjust-ability and guard design.

There was an instance while riding that I had the chain come off. This was with the front suspension locked in place and I did crash the curb a little hard as I crossed a road, onto a path and happened to be changing gears at the time. Fortunately the fix was super simple, just pull the pretension-er forward, reattach the chain over the main sprocket and it was ready to roll.

My final complaint is a really easy one to fix and that’s the colour of the guard supports. While almost everything on this bike is black, these silver supports stand out when they could easily be black and fade into the design.


How much and when can you get one ?

There are multiple ways to purchase the Zoomo Sport and a couple of battery options.

The first is to buy the bike outright and right now that costs A$2,999 for the 13Ah model (60km range) and just $200 more for the 17Ah battery (80km range). These prices are certainly a massive premium over a non electric bike, but given the extra functionality and range you can cover, the two are hardly comparable further than the fact they both have 2 wheels.

If that up front cost is too steep, Zoomo offer a subscription model which is currently aimed at Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and costs just $39 /wk, with a refundable deposit required. The website didn’t list the price of that deposit, so I enquired and was told that it’s only A$200, which feels like a very reasonable price. This means that for $356 ($200 deposit + 4x $39) you could ride the Zoomo Sport for the first month, then every other month pay just $39.

Under that lens, this really does feel like a lot of bike for that much money and I imaging delivery couriers will flock to it in droves. Zoomo seem confident in their ability to scale in the even this does take off in a big way.

Every Zoomo Sport in Australia comes with 12 months of free bike recovery service, which includes up to 3 requests to locate your bike. Bikes without GPS are three times more likely to get stolen than smart bikes.

Bikes have many moving components and if you ride it daily, can require servicing. Zoomo have an option to pre-pay for servicing. All services are performed by Zoomo’s world-class mechanics and include a tune up, electrical systems check up and on-road bike test. These range from A$149 for 6 months of coverage, up to 24 months which costs $499, which includes 4 services.

In terms of availability, the outright purchase option is available now from the Zoomo website, the subscriptions option will start soon.

If you’re still not sold, Zoomo do offer free test rides at their flagship stores.


Final thoughts

Zoomo should be very happy with what they’ve created here. The Sport offers something most eBikes do not. We’ve seen many go after the mountain-bike style eBike, instead Zoomo focus on the ability to be useful, both in personal and professional lives and for that, I applaud them.

Not only are they providing an interesting set of features, particularly OTA updates, they’re also innovating on the pricing model. Given the really affordable price of the subscription, I’d be surprised if this eBike doesn’t become the defacto standard for courier and food delivery service riders.

Having the ability to carry more payload per ride means you could do less trips back to base, making you as a rider more efficient and this could lead to significantly more revenue for you.

Whether you buy this bike to carry meals for Uber Eats or Deliveroo, or to use as a daily commute, you’ll be really happy with your investment. The bike is incredibly capable, fun to ride and has the performance you need from an eBike to make your life easier. I found that having an eBike enables me to embark on rides of longer distances than I otherwise would walk or ride with a regular bike.

Having the ability to adjust the assistance provided by the electric motor, allows you to choose what level of fitness benefits you’re chasing.

While eBikes come at a premium over regular bikes, the utility you get from them and particularly the design and feature decisions Zoomo made with the Sport, really will enhance your riding experience. If you’re in the market for an eBike, I’d highly recommend you consider the Zoomo Sport, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.

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  1. great story…I have had a Fortis Ebike for 2 yrs…will upgrade soon…

    One thing is missing on all bikes as a safety feature…break light and rear indicators should be standard… you can but after market, but paying a premium price for a ebike they should be standard.

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