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    Dive into Samsung’s best products with EOFY sales

    It's that time of year - end of financial year sales. This is your chance to snap up a bargain and upgrade your tech with Samsung's range of wearables, televisions, monitors, and smart home appliances.

    ASUS Vivobook S 15 now on sale in Australia, an Copilot+ Ultrabook for Content Creation, Productivity, and Learning

    ASUS in collaboration with Microsoft and Qualcomm has unveiled its latest device, a sleek and powerful Vivobook S 15. This cutting-edge laptop, available for pre-order now, is set to revolutionize the way we work, play, and learn with its advanced AI capabilities. Powered by the Snapdragon X Elite platform, the Vivobook S 15 boasts Windows AI features and a suite of exclusive ASUS AI apps...

    Tesla Safety Score now available in Canada, the final step for FSD owners to get city streets Beta

    We've known it was coming for a while now, but today, those Tesla owners in Canada take the final step before getting the highly...

    BREAKING: Motional and Hyundai unveil IONIQ 5 robotaxi. Level 4 by 2023, using Lyft for the service

    Make no mistake, the race to deliver a fully autonomous vehicles, transporting passengers (aka robotaxi) is well and truly on. Motional, a driverless technology...

    Autonomous Driving startup announces Comma Three hardware with OLED display and 360° view of the car is an autonomous driving company that has just announced its 4th generation hardware, known as the Comma Three. This dev kit was announced...

    FSD Beta 9.1 update has been released build 2021.4.18.13, time to see what’s new

    Tesla's latest update to their Full Self Driving Beta has been released and those in the early group of testers (around 2,000), some of...

    Elon Musk confirms FSD Beta 9 is finally coming this Saturday, will show ‘mind’ of the car with new UI

    This afternoon Elon Musk has confirmed what many in the Tesla community have been waiting for, the next release of the FSD Beta program....

    Baidu is building Level 4 autonomous robotaxis called ‘Apollo Moon’ in China

    Baidu building 1,000 level 4 autonomous robotaxis

    XPeng’s new Valet software update allows their EV to park from up to 1km away

    Chinese EV maker, XPeng has announced the release of its Xmart OS 2.6.0 through an over-the-air software update. While the competitors are shipping bug...

    Arrival’s ‘Lucas challenge’ tests if their AI race car can beat Formula champion Lucas Di Grassi

    Autonomous cars are coming and they could be great at racing too.

    Tesla is replacing Radar with Computer Vision in FSD Beta V9.0

    Tesla's Computer Vision is now eating the hardware stack too.

    Tesla’s FSD subscription coming in Q2, 2021 but how much will it cost?

    How much would you pay per month for FSD subscription

    Microsoft enters the self-driving race providing AI and ML to Cruise and GM

    When we think about self-driving cars, most of us think about the hardware stack required to understand the every-changing environment around the car. What's...