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    Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) take delivery of first electric vehicle from Volvo Trucks

    Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) are moving towards electric vehicles and have taken the delivery of their first EV. In a landmark move for emergency services and sustainable transport in Australia, Volvo Trucks has delivered the first Volvo 6x4 FMX Heavy Duty Electric Prime Mover (FMX Electric). The milestone was celebrated at the Volvo’s Wacol factory, attended by special guests: QFES Commissioner, Steve Smith...

    F1 24 will use Nvidia’s DLSS 3 to 2x frame rates at 4K

    Codemasters F1 24 goes on sale this week (I just bought the Champion's edition for 15% off via Steam) and sim racing fans will get to experience stunning new visuals thanks to NVIDIA DLSS 3 (Deep Learning Super Sampling). This technology leverages artificial intelligence to enhance gaming visuals and performance. In simpler terms, DLSS allows your graphics card to render games at a lower resolution...

    AutoX already has 1,000 RoboTaxi’s in its China fleet

    While it may not be pretty, it's hard to ignore that AutoX are making big progress in the autonomous vehicle space. Today they announced...

    BREAKING: Motional and Hyundai unveil IONIQ 5 robotaxi. Level 4 by 2023, using Lyft for the service

    Make no mistake, the race to deliver a fully autonomous vehicles, transporting passengers (aka robotaxi) is well and truly on. Motional, a driverless technology...

    Baidu is building Level 4 autonomous robotaxis called ‘Apollo Moon’ in China

    Baidu building 1,000 level 4 autonomous robotaxis

    Mobileye self-driving testing coming to Detroit, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris & New York City this year, robotaxis by 2025

    Autonomous driving is scalable says Mobileye and robotaxis are coming in 2025.

    Tesla’s Boombox party trick is a great distraction to hide the fact that we’re about to miss another FSD delivery date.

    Tesla's autonomy program, known as Full Self Driving, is about to miss another deadline. Expectations of FSD delivery are high, in large part thanks...