AutoX already has 1,000 RoboTaxi’s in its China fleet

While it may not be pretty, it’s hard to ignore that AutoX are making big progress in the autonomous vehicle space. Today they announced that their Level 4 fully autonomous RoboTaxi fleet in China, has grown to more than 1,000 vehicles.

While the world will eventually need millions of robotaxis, this is a monumental milestone for the company and the autonomous vehicles industry. 

RoboTaxi operations centers are purpose-built facilities for supporting the daily operations of large RoboTaxi fleets and large-scale data collection from the vehicles. In Shenzhen, AutoX operates four operations centers scattered across the 1,000 square kilometers service area. The other AutoX RoboTaxi operations centers are located in Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing.

In Shenzhen alone, AutoX already operates autonomous RoboTaxis across a service area of over 386 square miles (1,000 square kilometers). Within this service area, the AutoX RoboTaxi fleet can operate fully driverless, without an accompanying human safety driver, in a 65 square miles (168 square kilometers) zone. AutoX is rapidly expanding the sizes of both the autonomous and fully driverless zones. 

Scaling beyond 1,000 RoboTaxis

Reaching the 1,000 autonomous vehicles milestone is a groundbreaking moment for AutoX and the RoboTaxi industry as the largest fleets were previously only in the hundreds. Scaling beyond 1,000 RoboTaxis represents a significant leap forward for larger scale commercialization. 

In July 2021, AutoX’s newest Gen5 system-equipped RoboTaxis started rolling off the production line. More recently in January 2022, AutoX shared an inside look at its end-of-line, Level 4 fully driverless RoboTaxis dedicated production facility located near Shanghai, China, with a video. Since starting production, the RoboTaxi assembly line has been in full operation. 

AutoX’s production facility marks a major milestone in China’s AV industry as a dedicated production line is critical to guaranteeing the quality, safety, and consistency of every RoboTaxi. The facility is the first of its kind in China. 

Launching RoboTaxi testing in San Francisco

On top of the expansion of AutoX’s fleet, the company has also launched a new RoboTaxi operations center in San Francisco. Trained with many years of on-the-road driving and learning in megacities, AutoX’s autonomous vehicles are known for navigating safely through the most chaotic and dynamic traffic conditions. Now, the company’s vehicles leverage on that learned driving skill and finesse in San Francisco, one of the densest urban centers in the U.S. 

Previously, AutoX RoboTaxis have been testing in the greater San Jose, California, area since 2016. Globally, AutoX is currently testing and deploying RoboTaxi fleets in five cities, including San Francisco and China’s megacities Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. 

“We want to deploy the AutoX RoboTaxi fleet in many cities to serve hundreds of millions of people, as well to improve and become a part of communities around the world. Cities such as San Francisco, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing are the launchpads for RoboTaxis to transform people’s daily lives. And that’s just the beginning,”

Dr Jianxiong Xiao (a.k.a. Professor X), founder and CEO of AutoX. 

The company’s mission is to provide everyone access to fully driverless mobility with the best user experience. Scaling the RoboTaxi fleet to over 1,000 vehicles enables AutoX to serve large urban areas with just a few minutes of waiting time for available RoboTaxis, making sure that users are offered the best possible user experience for their journey. 

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