Tesla’s massive V10.0 software is already out in Australia

    Credit: Melb Tesla Matt (Twitter | Instagram)

    Tesla recently released Version 10.0 of their software to vehicles in the US. Initially Elon Musk had suggested that this would take around a week to hit global release, but today we have confirmation that’s happening now.

    New Tesla owner @MelbTeslaMatt posted this morning that his Model 3 now has the update and judging from other posts on Twitter, there are owners in Canada and Europe that are also receiving the update.

    This indicates Tesla is happy with the US rollout of Version 10.0 and are comfortable sending the release more broadly.

    Matt has now put together a video walkthrough of what’s new in V10 and what’s on offer in Australia. It is worth mentioning that in the Tesla Theatre, there is Netflix, YouTube and yes, Hulu. It will be interesting to see how much Tesla can develop video partnerships and if we get other video providers like Vimeo, Amazon Prime Video and others.

    The release of Version 10.0 software on Tesla vehicle is important as it unlocks some serious new functionality for the cars. This update is the biggest so far, you can read all about the V10.0 features here.

    Unfortunately, as we covered yesterday, Smart Summon isn’t currently available outside the US at this point.

    Since the release, many Tesla owners have been sharing their V10.0 experiences, especially testing the new Smart Summon that can pick you up and drop you off in a cark park.

    Many of the demos are simply that, demonstration of the feature, but few are actually real-world use cases, say to pick you up when it’s raining.

    Despite that, it’s important to remember how cool this feature is, you can control your car, when nobody’s inside. While the videos show the car often taking weird routes and being overly cautious, the system works and there’s no other car that can do what a Tesla can do.

    To make you a little jealous Australia isn’t getting this yet, here’s some of the best.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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