Gaming for all with new Xbox x Barbie line up

    Hold the controller, Barbie is now a gamer. Mattel, the creators behind the popular Barbie dolls started creating “diversity” dolls. These dolls are designed to highlight the many different body types, races, and genders, leading to a greater sense of identity.

    As the new Barbie movie gears up to launch—Barbie has teamed up with Xbox to bring a diverse range of Xbox gaming Barbies, accessories, and consoles to the community. Xbox has done some amazing collaborations in the past from Elder Scrolls consoles, to OPI nail polish controllers, Arnott’s Shapes, and more. Now Barbie has joined the party.

    Barbie is a gamer

    Bringing Barbie to the world of gaming is a significant steps towards ensuring women and girls feel included in the gaming community. Young girls thrive when they have good role models to look up to, to aspire to be like. The new Barbie movie aims to showcase the diverse range of women and the roles they take on.

    Barbies in the movie are professionals, with a huge range of roles. Xbox wanted to highlight this diversity with the new range of Barbie dolls.

    Xbox’s motto “gaming for everyone” shows that gaming is for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, disability and any other trait you can think of. Collaborating with Barbie on their new range of dolls aligns with this mission of making gaming for all.

    Barbie dolls shown in a diverse range of skin colours, body types, clothing, and disabilities, donned in Xbox clothing highlights the mission of gaming for all. Check out the range, along with a story that highlights why this line of Barbies is important.

    These dolls are recreations of real-life game developers.

    Forza Horizon

    The collaboration doesn’t stop on the Mattel side. Xbox is bringing Barbie to the gaming world. Players of Forza Horizon 5 can log into the game and obtain two free limited edition Barbie cars. The 1956 Chevrolet Corvette EV has been skinned in Barbie pink.

    Gamers will also collect the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup in Ken’s signature colours. Now you can cruise around in the two cars derived directly from the Barbie movie.

    Xbox × Barbie consoles and accessories

    The fun doesn’t stop when it comes to Barbie. Her style is recognised all around the world and now you can bring it to your gaming room. The team have designed a limited edition custom Xbox Series S console, controllers, and controller covers. It’s a dream come true for any Barbie and Xbox fan.

    Get your Barbie gear

    Okay all this sound amazing. How do you obtain all this amazing Xbox × Barbie loot?

    In order to get these items, you’ll need to keep an eye on the Xbox Twitter page from July 10. There’s also a chance to gain the gear via the Microsoft Rewards sweepstakes from July 10.

    The Barbie movie is released worldwide starting July 19 in cinemas.

    Michelle Mannering
    Michelle Mannering
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