Win a limited edition Arnott’s Shapes Xbox Series S

    Xbox ANZ and Woolies have teamed up to bring fans the Ultimate Xbox Series S console – Chicken Crimpy. These orange Originals Shapes were the staple of every 90s kid’s lunchbox. The Xbox console and controller are adorned in iconic packaging to give you the ultimate sense of nostalgia while you are gaming.

    Xbox Shapes console

    This latest console comes on the back of Xbox ANZ’s latest campaign with Arnott’s. The pair released a limited run of Xbox-shaped Shapes. Some fans in Australia were lucky enough to get their hands on one of these boxes.

    Shapes biscuits obviously weren’t enough and fans wanted more. So Xbox ANZ and Arnott’s Biscuits launched the console and controller. The console looks like it could belong on the supermarket shelves right next to the Shapes boxes. Its iconic orange will stand out in any gamer’s dungeon.

    The wrap covers the front and each side of the Xbox S console, as well as the front of the controller.

    If you want to get your hands on one of these consoles, read on!

    Win the limited edition console and controller

    So how does one obtain such a rare artifact? Arnott’s is giving away one Xbox S console and controller on their Instagram page. Head over to the combined post, and tag and friend in the comments. Make sure you’re following both Arnott’s Shapes and Xbox ANZ on Instagram to be eligible.

    If you think your odds aren’t great at entering an Instagram competition, then you’re in luck for another shot. You can win one of ten limited-edition Chicken Crimpy Xbox Series S packages by purchasing any pack of Shapes from Woolies. Good luck with the competition and we can’t wait to see these consoles popping up in gamer houses!

    Image: Supplied
    Michelle Mannering
    Michelle Mannering
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