New gaming hardware and tech from the DreamHack Melbourne showcase

    DreamHack is a festival of gaming, technology, and pop culture. This year, some of the world’s leading gaming and technology brands come together to showcase their latest gear, and 2024 doesn’t disappoint.

    The latest monitors, desktops, laptops, and handheld consoles were on display for fans to enjoy. If that wasn’t enough a ten-meter-long dragon computer is sure to pique your interest. Here’s what we found at DreamHack Melbourne.

    OLED laptops from MSI

    Gamers, workers, and computer users are demanding more from their computer screens. They are something we look at for hours a day, so why shouldn’t they be crisp and clean. MSI has embedded OLED screens in their latest line of gaming laptops: The MSI Stealth 14 AI Studio.

    Having won the 2023 reddot Design, 2023 CES Innovation and 2024 Taiwan Excellence awards, these screens boast a 120Hz refresh rate with 2.8K display.

    Award winning MSI laptops available for fans and attendees to try (Photo: TechAU)

    There’s also the MiniLED 4K screen built into the MSI Stealth 16 AI Studio. Both have new AI-infused technology. This allows the laptops to work faster and more efficiently by automatically tuning your computer to the way you use it. These laptops are on display at the MSI and Intel booths for you to marvel at.

    MSI CLAW handheld console

    The MSI Claw A1M is the latest handheld console released by MSI, and there are plenty of units at DreamHack Melbourne for you to pick up and play. Built with high-quality specs—Intel Core Ultra 7 processor 155H and 120Hz refresh rate—this comfortable portable console has fans wowed. We can’t wait to get our hands on this for an in-depth deep dive, so keep an eye out.

    The new MSI Claw console is ergonomic and includes some nice RGB touches (Photo: TechAU).

    Curved monitors from AOG

    I hardly come across a monitor that isn’t curved these days. The AOG 34″ CU34G2XP gaming monitor is on display at the AOG booth. It’s the perfect size for most gaming setups and features a 3440×1440 screen with 180Hz refresh rate.

    Gaming is sure to be smooth on this beast so if you’re at DreamHack Melbourne swing by the AOG booth to take a look.

    Curved monitor from AOG (Photo: TechAU)

    Gaming PCs

    It wouldn’t be a gaming convention without a bunch of gaming computers. The expo floor showcased computers with the latest graphics cards, processors, and motherboards. Karuza cases seem to be the dominant choice, and fans could win, spec, or buy their own computers.

    If high-end performance computers are your thing, then you certainly need to get down to DreamHack and check these out.

    Custom computers on display at the DreamHack expo hall (Photo: TechAU).

    Large scale dragon complete with working PC

    MSI promised something amazing, and at DreamHack Melbourne, they’ve delivered; alongside TAGMods. A 10.2 meter long dragon to celebrate the year of the dragon is one of the highlights on the expo floor.

    The dragon comes complete with a 14900K processor, 64GB Corsair Dominator RAM, MSI 4080 Super Expert graphics cards, and MSI Z790 MEG Ace motherboard, 2600 scales, and weighs in at 216kg. This magnificent beast is a fully functioning computer and took the team at TAG Mods a combined 700 hours over three weeks.

    Complete with smoke machine, this dragon is a fully functioning computer (Photo: TechAU)

    Alongside the dragon, there are custom Intel ARCade machines also built by TAGMods. Whilst these aren’t available to purchase anywhere, if you really wanted to add either of these to your collection, you can reach out to TAGMods.

    DreamHack Melbourne this weekend

    Tickets for DreamHack Melbourne are still available online or at the gates. Take the family for a fun-filled weekend. Check out our guide to DreamHack Melbourne for some of the activities you can participate in.

    Michelle Mannering
    Michelle Mannering
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