Aussie Broadband offer 1Gbps/50Mbps NBN to consumers for just A$149pm with unlimited data

Aussie Broadband has announced they will offer consumer NBN plans at that magical 1000Mbps (1Gbps) down and 50Mbps up, for just $149pm. This new plan, enabled by changed to the NBN’s wholesale pricing, also contains unlimited data.

We’re all so reliant on our connections for our work, education, and entertainment, that having faster internet means a better experience online, no buffering, no matter how many connected devices you have.

While it’s unlikely that any single website or service would use the whole 1Gbps connection, being able to multi-task is the key to doing more, in less time.

Personally, I’m fortunate enough to have built in a greenfield estate a few years ago, so have FTTP and are currently on 100/40Mbps plan. This new plan offers 10x the download speed for an increase in price from $99pm to A$149, that feels like an amazing move forward.

Many of us have friends internationally that have had access to 1Gbps internet connections for quite some time, so it makes me incredibly happy to see them arrive in Australia.

Aussie Broadband will launch the new tier on Friday, 29th May and I’ll certainly be increasing my plan to try it out. The NBN’s new wholesale prices, are also expected to be available from Friday.

“Not surprisingly, we are keen to offer 1Gbps plans as soon as NBN introduces the product,”

“The new plan will initially be released for all FTTP premises and some of the HFC network, and we anticipate the footprint will grow with time.”

Managing Director Phillip Britt.

Under the new wholesale pricing from NBN, Aussie Broadband will offer a 1000/50 residential service with unlimited data for $149 per month, and will drop the prices on its existing 250 plans.

However, Phil warned that because the 1Gbps plan is yet to go to market, peak evening speeds are still to be determined.

“This is a best effort service and peak evening speeds will vary based on network demand at the time. We think that the plan should achieve off-peak speeds of up to 80-90%, depending on the technology type. 

For the moment, we will be advising customers our peak evening speeds for our 250Mbps plans as a baseline until we have collated enough data from our own network testing.”

Managing Director Phillip Britt.

Given the higher bandwidth coming in, your router needs to be up to the task, and AussieBB will be strongly recommending that Google Nest. To be honest, many modern routers come with a 1Gbps WAN port that would suffice.

Residential customers who are currently on a 250/25 plan will be automatically be migrated onto the cheaper 1000/50 unlimited plan, unless they choose not to change. 

Aussie Broadband is also reducing its plans with higher upload speeds. The 250/100Mbps unlimited plan will shrink from $219 to $209, and its 250/25Mbps unlimited plan will drop from $169 a month to $129.  

“There’s many advantages to having ultra-fast internet, including increased reliability and lower latency. But one of the main benefits is that it supports multiple users on multiple devices — all at once.

Ultimately we believe that these speeds will give incredibly fast connectivity for customers who want the highest possible speed available”

Managing Director Phillip Britt.

These new plans represent a fundamental change in our connection options as consumers. With 1Gbps plans, Australians now have a runway to throw anything at their internet and have no impact on performance.

Imagine there 4 people in a share house. There’s a 8K TV in the living room and a 4K TVs in each of the bedrooms. a couple of the housemates are avid gamers and the other 2 are movie buffs. All 4 of you could do just use the internet without ever having to be concerned you’re impacting others. It’s a dream and $150pm split 4 ways is amazingly affordable.

If you have a requirement for faster upload speeds, AussieBB offer up to 400Mbps up with business plans.

If this announcement tempts you over to Aussie Broadband and please use our referral code – 1338813 on signup.

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