Behind the scenes at Channel 9

Since I have never been to a TV studio before, I always wondered what it is like behind the scenes. After watching a video by Ch 9 apologising to viewers for their massive watermarks on some news stories because Channel 7 steals their content, I noticed some other behind the scenes videos of the Channel 9 studios that were quite interesting to watch.

Behind the scenes for filming 9 News

This is a great video showing you what it is like in the control room, on the news floor, and in remote locations when recording the 9 news.

You can also watch part 2 here.

GTV 9 Melbourne

Behind the scenes of the soon to be demolished GTV 9 studio.

Control Room for Hotseat

This is a brief tour behind the scenes of HotSeat and in the control, and audio room.

24 Hours in TCN 9 Studio 1

A wonderful 24 hour view of life in a studio.

Before the show of Weekend Today

A brief summary of what the morning before Weekend Today is like.

Behind the scenes of TCN 9 Studio 2

This studio is for shows such as the Footy Show and Funniest Home Video’s.

About the Teleprompter and Control Room in QTQ 9 Brisbane

Ever wondered how the teleprompter or Autocue works? This video shows you how.

Behind the scenes of Studio 9 and Hey Hey It’s Saturday

What to know what the scenese look like behind Hey Hey It’s Saturday?

Channel 9’s Basement

It’s amazing how much old things they have stored away.

The Props at Channel 9

Go for a walkthrough of some of the props that have been used at Channel 9

The Set of Channel 9 News

This is a video of the studio of channel 9 news. It also explains the giant seagull appearance, and the “Gold Room”.

Tour of Studio 1 in Richmond

A tour of Studio 1 and the stage for ACA.

I would just like to thank Channel 9 for creating all these wonderful video’s of what it is like behind the scenes on television. You can watch more video’s from Channel 9 by visiting their YouTube Channel.

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