Breaking: MyRepublic can’t provision customers on the NBN

    MyRepublicAU is the Australian branch of Singapore-based MyRepublic. The company is looking to establish itself and grow marketshare in Australia by offering aggressively-priced internet plans with unlimited data caps. Unfortunately right now, they’re unable to do the core business of provisioning customers to the National Broadband Network.  If you’re an ISP, you whole business relies on your ability to get customers online, right now, they can’t and there’s no end in sight.

    If you’re considering going with MyRepublic, then you should definitely consider alternatives.

    Despite the private company having some 1,500 employees and being in business since 2011, it seems none of the systems, automated reminders or really much else than the brand name has been brought to Australia.

    After originally ordering FTTP NBN on the 2nd of March, I was told it’d take between 5 and 20 business days to get it installed at my new home and I’d be online. With 20 business days expiring, I discovered an installer had not been ordered and confirmed they do not have automated systems to alert them if an order ID  (with Optus/NBN installers) is not present.

    Monday this week, 10th April, the NBN actually got installed. I was told by the installer activation typically takes 10 minutes. Days later it still isn’t done.

    After reporting the issue on social media, I received an email from them.

    Hi Jason,
    Hope this finds you well.
    We wanted to give you a quick update in regards to your connection with MyRepublic.

    Your order is completed and ready to go on our end and is at it’s final stages. Unfortunately we sincerely regret to advise that we encountered an issue with our internal system which is delaying full activation of your connection

    Our Provisioning team are aware of this and are (as we speak) working on resolving this at the earliest possible.

    The issue at hand can take between 2- 5 business days for resolution, however, we are trying to get this done sooner and ask you kindly allow us some time to get things resolved for you.

    We will keep you posted with any updates/ information once made available.

    Once again we do sincerely apologise for the delays and any inconvenience caused

    Please don’t hesitate to respond to this email, call us on 1300 130 888, or jump onto Live Chat via our website (bottom right hand corner, anytime between 10:00am to 5:45pm, Monday to Friday AEDT) if you wish to discuss further.

    Kind regards,
    MyRepublic Customer Service

    After reaching out to MyRepublic for answers, I received a call from their Complaints Officer apologising for the repeated mistakes, who also confirmed the issue was at their end and it wasn’t just my account, but indeed their provisioning system is offline.

    Here’s the confirmation of that call from their social team via Twitter DM.

    Hi Jason,
    apologies for the delayed response here. Once again we do apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing and completely understand where you’re coming from. We understand one of our Complaints Officer’s called you yesterday to further discuss the reason for the delays and rest assured we are doing everything possible to get this expedited for you. If there’s any updates with your connection we’ll give you a quick heads up here to keep you in the loop 🙂 In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to pop us a message here if you need us to follow up on anything else for you in the meantime. Thanks again for your patience.

    – MyRepublic Social team

    After checking again today, 12th April at 1PM, more than a month after the original request, I still cannot connect to the NBN thanks to repeated failures from MyRepublic.

    Late yesterday (13/04/2017) my FTTP NBN service became active. I was told by MyRepublic they were working on expediting my case, so other customers may still be impacted by the issue.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021


    1. You’re lucky. I’ve been waiting over a year! I had to fight to get reimbursed for the first 2 months payments and am lumbered with a useless router wich cost 100 bucks. W*#!@¥s

    2. An extensive local gas mains infrastructure upgrade project made it’s way to our street two months after joining myrepublic. All energy,telecommunications m a ins are underground along with gas supply, sure enough,there is nothing worse than seeing the inevitable damage coming,knowing these excavator riding cowboys digging four ft deep trench up one side of the street, OF COURSE digging up and damaging other underground supply cables is a certainty.’OFF’ went our connection that afternoon, it would remain
      In a state of disconnected for two and a half weeks.Thats how long it took for myrep agents to finally ‘UNDERSTAND/ACCEPT’ my predicament. All was eventually sorted with credit for days offline.The headaches and stress of daily calling maybe an Australian operator,maybe a Singaporean reluctant to ‘hear’ the facts of explanation cos of clear reluctance to book a technician to attend.Their phone support now is all but gone to it’s Aussie customers just as my prior isp also adopted.To top it all their monthly cycle ‘direct debit only’ policy required only ‘on that day’, not before, no longer than four days following to avoid late payment fee(used to be 10 days), disconnection with costly reconnection fees after 10 days.I’ve argued the point several occassions with them that an option for us to make early payments, letting ‘US’ keep up and maintain ‘OUR’ finances of ‘OUR ACCOUNTS’!!!Not an option or possibility,they want their offshore customers ‘on a knife edge’, they prove with flying colours they are NOT in business to serve our better interests as many telcos.

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